Blog #10 – Constituent Engagement Markers and Congregations

For some time, I have been examining Constituent Engagement. 

This is the focus of my website –

Constituent Engagement is particularly significant for all individuals who endeavor to engage the greatest number of people in congregations, other institutions of the Religion Sector, and in the religion realm.  This includes their intention to share the perspectives of the religion realm on critical issues with people throughout the community – local, regional, national, global.

As a specialist, working with individuals and organizations in expanding Constituent Engagement, I have initiated the use of “Constituent Engagement Markers” as an important part of the process. In examining websites, I circle words or phrases with an eye toward how they might impact the new and continued engagement of individuals. This now includes the identification of Constituent Engagement Marking on websites, in newsletters, emails and public statements.

Markers which have been circled as impacting Constituent Engagement are each identified as an “incentive” (+) or a “barrier” (-) to engagement by the reader (or listener). 

Being conscious of Constituent Engagement Markers has become a critical part of the efforts of all those who seek to enhance (a) the engagement of individuals in their institutions, and (b) their participation in “communal discourse.”

In my congregational consultations, this becomes a central part of conversations among staff, congregant leaders and congregants, on how the language of the Marker reflects their own image of the congregation and how the congregation might be perceived by others.  This serves as a primary focus in assisting in the process of moving each (-) to a (+).  Shifting to a (0) is not an objective.

Specializing in Constituent Engagement often includes focusing on issues of equity and ethical practices.  In the process of extending Constituent Engagement, one key factor is examining how the expression of language, as contained in the Markers, reflects attitudes within the institution on how individuals are perceived by that institution and by people affiliated with that institution. Like all Constituent Engagement Markers, this impacts how individuals feel about their engagement with that institution and with those other affiliated individuals.

Your perspectives would be a valuable part this exploration.

And try this – identify 3 Constituent Engagement Markers on a website where you are engaged.

Please contact me with your perspectives and Markers –

Furthermore, you have a key role as you share in the communal discourse wherever you are engaged – locally, regionally, and nationally, even internationally – in navigating all the ramifications of the identification, examination and, as necessary, the transformation of Constituent Engagement Markers.

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