10 Years – 31 Dialogues

 Clergy Dialogues      Clergy and Civic Leader Dialogues

  • December 2012 Regional Clergy/Civic Leader Dialogue
    Responding to Increasing Demand for Serving People at the local/county/regional level – Case Studies Education; Prison Realignment; Food & Housing Insecurity
  • May 2012 Regional Clergy Dialogue
    Clergy Social Capital in the 21st Century  
  • March 2012 Area Clergy Dialogues
    Clergy as Community Leaders
  • December 2011 Regional Clergy/Civic Leaders Dialogue
    Sharing in Civic Engagement Dialogue Groups:
    Education; Health; Disaster Preparedness Response;   Open Forum
  • May 2011 Regional Clergy Dialogue
    Share with Colleagues: Caring for Others  
  • March 2011 Area Clergy Dialogues
    Joining together with colleagues to share your current concerns and the concerns of Congregants
  • December 2010 Regional Clergy/Civic Leaders Dialogue
    Coming Together to Address Community Mental Health Issues
  • February/March 2010 Area Clergy Dialogues
    “What does it mean to be a colleague?”
  • December 2009 Regional Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Education: Enhancing Our Collaborative Efforts
  • May 2009 Regional Clergy Dialogue
    Religion in the 21st Century – On the Peninsula, In the USA and Around the World
  • March 2009 Area Clergy Dialogues
    Clergy Gathering Together
  • December 2008 20th Dialogue Celebration
    Clergy and Civic Leaders: Partners in Community “Bringing it Together”
  • May 2008 A Dialogue for Clergy:
    A Calling and A Profession
  • April 2008 Area Dialogues: Clergy and Civic Leaders
     initiating and Implementing  Joint Ventures – Phase III
  • October 2007 Regional Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Beyond the Town Square – How City Design Impacts Personal and Community Relationships
  • May 2007 Regional Clergy Dialogue
    The Congregation as a Community
  • February/March 2006 Area Dialogues: Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Initiating and Implementing Joint Ventures – Phase II
  • November 2006 Regional Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Initiating and Implementing Joint Ventures
  • May 2006 Regional Dialogue – Clergy with Clergy
    Gathering to Reflect on the Many Aspects of Our Calling
  • February 2006 Initial Area Dialogues- Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Joining Together in Service to the People of our Local Communities
  • November 2005 Clergy and Civic Leaders Dialogue
    Faith/Community Response in a Time of Crisis
  • March 2005 Clergy and Civic Leaders Dialogue
    Sharing Our Insights on Community Building-
    Bridging Diversity, Bonding Together, Building Community
  • January 2005 Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Engaging Our Diverse Communities
  • October 2004 Clergy with Clergy
    Religion and Politics: How does it mix for Clergy?
  • May 2004 Clergy with Clergy
    Gathering for Exploration
    Prayer: Personal, Congregational, Public
  • March 2004 Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Partners for Wholeness – Case Studies on Community Issues
  • October 2003 Clergy with Clergy
    Sustaining Community
  • May 2003 Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Exploring Servant Leadership
  • March 2003 Clergy with Clergy
    Deepening Our Connections
  • October 2002
    Clergy and Civic Leadership:
     Guiding and Sustaining Core Values
  • December 2001 – Initial Dialogue Session
    Clergy with Clergy
    Clergy and Civic Leaders
    Clergy Leadership: In the Congregation and In The Community


Rabbi Jay Miller   RELIGION SECTOR 3.0
1.0  On the Town Square         2.0  Walls of Separation
3.0  Alignment: Among Congregations – Within Society

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