The structure design  of the Religion Sector framed from formation of “Regional Clergy Engagement” providing the  basis for “Congregation/Civic Sectors Partnerships” established the bandwidth for shared clergy and congregation Projects with the institutions of all Civic Sectors:
        Human Services

In every case, project design draws from the basic components and methodology described in the sections on Religion Sector 3.0 and Structure. 

Specific projects emerged from the content of clergy and civic leader engagement – Regional and Area Dialogues, and Discussions with Civic Sector specific institutions. The primary source of Project proposals and concept development emerged from  countless inquiries from the staff and elected leadership of every aspect of the community seeking innovative strategies for achieving the long sought capacity to engage the full scope of “Congregation Based Resources’ (CBR)

This section will contain the overview of the formation of the wide ranging Projects design which emerged.

Projects are identified as Pilot (P), a funded project, and Model (M), a proposed project.

Pilot Projects (P)

Model Projects (M)


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