Regional Clergy Engagement Pilot Firsts

  • Database of all clergy in a region
  • Regional clergy leader as guest at over 150 worship services in the region of each faith, reflecting each faith, nationality and language (English/Hungarian/Tongan/Spanish/Hebrew/Mandarin)
  • Regional clergy leader sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Non-profits to attend the Harvard Business School for “Strategic Perspective in Nonprofit Management”
  •  September 11 Annual Peninsula Community Observance
  •  Multi-Faith Awareness training and consultation for institutions of all sectors: cities/counties, schools, non-profits, businesses, religion
  • 31 Dialogues for clergy and civic leaders
  • Coordination of discussions in cities with city managers and clergy
  • Coordination of discussions in school districts with superintendents/principals and clergy
  • Clergy consultation on engagement with clergy:
    • City of Riverside, CA (Mayor’s Office)
    • Westchester County, NY (Department of Senior Services)
  • Design of plan and implementation of pilot with County Office of Emergency Services and Bay Area Red Cross, incorporating all congregations in county and local jurisdiction system for “Disaster Preparedness, Response, Recovery”
  • Regional clergy leader to attend California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) course to be certified in “Introduction to Emergency Management: Earthquake” and “NIMS”
  • Coordination and analysis of national first Neighborhood Disaster Drill
  • Area specific programs determined and implemented by teams of clergy and civic leaders
  • Co-Author with the Institute for Local Government: “A Local Official’s Guide to Working with Clergy and Congregations”
  • Census 2010 partnership with the US Census Bureau to engage all clergy in a full count initiative in a region


Rabbi Jay Miller   RELIGION SECTOR 3.0
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3.0  Alignment: Among Congregations – Within Society      650.740.4411