Regional Clergy Engagement Pilot: Testimonials

What clergy are saying about Regional Clergy Engagement:

 “Thank you for the opportunity to spend time in a heartfelt way with clergy colleagues and community leaders.”

 “Coming to this meeting opened a new door”

What Clergy say Regional Clergy Engagement provides them:

 “Open, honest dialogue”

“[A] chance to talk about a relevant issue”

“[An] opportunity to hear from different religious traditions”

“Openness to idea-sharing and active sharing of differences of opinions

“New connections—[a] sense of support for bringing the community of faith into the public realm”

“The opportunity to share with others seeking spiritual solutions”

 What civic leaders are saying about Regional Clergy Engagement:

 “As superintendent of the high school district, I know of the times when my contact with the clergy benefited issues we faced in the educational realm. I can only imagine the value that this clergy network is providing in establishing this systematic and comprehensive relationship between the clergy of all faiths and all the school districts on the Peninsula.” – Superintendent

“This clergy network has become a vital part of the community-building process in [this] county.  Your work has brought together clergy, city officials, and school officials in meaningful dialogue about how to understand the growing multi-faith/multicultural communities we have become.  A testimony to its value is the number of city managers and school superintendents that participate in activities on a consistent basis.”– City Manager

“I really appreciated the opportunity to meet members of the local clergy and the opportunity to reflect on larger issues about improving life for residents of my city.”  – City Manager


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