The landscape of every region has always been dotted with clergy, nationally and even internationally.

Until 2002, these dots never formed a constellation which gave design to clergy, as a contingent, or religion, as a sector, within the society.

Only in 2002, in one model region, were clergy connected into a constellation, forming an exquisite pattern.

Beginning in 2001, I lead the initiative to connect the dots, experiencing the ever increasing radiance of the clergy as a contingent.  Unduplicated in history, the emerging clergy framework had profound impact, especially in the United States.   The realization of Regional Clergy Engagement has further resulted in region-wide connections between clergy and the leaders of the Civic Sectors.

Each of the Stories I am sharing here, reflects a snapshot of my takeaway from one of the many unprecedented and redefining moments which reflected the emerging clergy relationships, the transformation of the Religion Sector, their relationship with leaders of the Civic Sectors and the place of religion in society.


Rabbi Jay Miller   RELIGION SECTOR 3.0
1.0  On the Town Square         2.0  Walls of Separation
3.0  Alignment: Among Congregations – Within Society      650.740.4411