Blog #8 – The Term Interfaith

For a year, I was in retreat mode at home, in my study, in response to covid. I have appreciated that discipline, which has enabled me to focus on furthering my research and writing on several Religion Sector 3.0 topics.  As I transition to this next covid phase, I am now extending my exploration of these topics through a greater re-involvement with individuals and community entities.

As part of the Religion Sector 3.0 focus, I have been writing an article on “The Term Interfaith” as it related to #1, below.

There are multiple uses of the term interfaith:

1. A configuration of a specific collaborative within the Religion Sector.

2. An expression of a religion belief system of an individual or of a congregation.

3. A couple in which the partners are of a different religion.

I would like to ask if you would share a few sentences on how you use and/or understand the term interfaith, within this context.

Please contact me at

Thank you for adding your perspectives to this exploration.


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