Assembly Member Kevin Muller, Speaker Pro Tem, California State Assembly (2016)
– Three year consultation and coordination of a series of clergy gatherings three times year.

Excerpt from full letter:

The insight I have gained through this process is immeasurable. I have a better understanding of my constituents, the clergy’s congregants, and their concerns. Issues have been reinforced, and I have been exposed to viewpoints I may not have otherwise heard. We have built relationships that are grounded in who we are as individuals, not in the position we hold. I believe the clergy feel more comfortable approaching me and engaging more with the leaders of our community institutions. Or put another way, sharing in the town square.

Michael P. Burns, Deputy Regional Director, US Census Bureau (2010)
– One year grant funding a project with the US Census Bureau to design a model to engage clergy as “trusted leaders” to endorse census participation.

Excerpt from full letter:

The PCN’s capacity to support “civic engagement” for the census through its effective infrastructure has been one of the major factors for energizing the pubic in participating in the census.  Approximately 74% of San Mateo County residents have returned their census questionnaires…

In previous censuses…we have found that when a trusted leader in the community espouses the important of the census…that community engagement is the driving force for eliciting citizens and non-citizens to participate in the census…

…combin[ing] a strategy of direct mail, weekly email updates and phone contacts to all 400 Peninsula clergy…

What stands out as an example of the capacity of such a regional clergy network, unique in the country, was their ability to know which congregations in cities that are not identified as Hard To Count (HTC) served individuals whose demographics fit the HTC cities.  The clergy serving these congregations were also the focus…

Commissioner Mae Carpenter, Director, Department of Senior Programs and Services,
County of Westchester, New York (2009)
– One Year Consultation, coordination of clergy pre-conference lunch, keynote speaker at the multi-agency regional conference on senior services.

Excerpt from full letter:

Your contribution of time, knowledge and enthusiasm made this an extraordinary event and thoroughly engaging on all levels.

Mayor Ronald Loveridge, City of Riverside, CA (2009)
– One year consultation, coordination of two site visits. The initial visit to convene three sessions of clergy with the mayor.  The second visit to convene a follow up session with the mayor and clergy and a session of clergy and civic leaders.

Excerpt from full letter:

As Mayor, I write to thank you for your advice and assistance as I explored ways to foster deeper connections between Riverside’s civic and clergy communities.

Your services in May and December of 2008 were very helpful as we sought to increase greater opportunities for “bridging and bonding” between our civic leaders and our clergy leaders. 


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